Mimi Williams

for Edmonton City Council - Ward 7

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“Mimi understands the challenges facing many indigenous people, particularly youth, and has the political will to meet those challenges head on in a collaborative way. She will be an effective voice on Edmonton City Council.”

Lewis Cardinal


“As a member of the disabled community, I know I can count on Mimi to speak up for us. She is tireless, fearless, sensible, and committed to fairness and integrity.”

Donna Martyn
Former Chair of Edmonton’s
Advisory Board on Services for
Persons with Disabilities


“In the late 80’s when Tooker Gomberg and I co-founded EcoCity, a grassroots urban environmental group, Mimi was one of the first to join. Mimi has proven her commitment to social justice over the decades and as City Councillor for Ward 7 she’ll be a strong advocate for urban sustainability, guaranteed.”

Angela Bischoff
Community organizer

“I trust Mimi to put the needs of small and medium locally owned businesses and residents ahead of multinational corporations. Big business has enough friends on council. Mimi will be there to fight for us.”

Derek Dixon
Owner of Puppy Love Dog Grooming